When comparing contemporary media to that of previous decades, there is tangible change in its aesthetics and content, but similar patterns can be observed. Magazines, newspaper, television and film, virtual platforms and other media reflect current events, systems and institutions that are in place. While the Covid-19 pandemic has revealed a number of economic, race and gender-based violence, these patterns continue to be exhibited in mainstream media. There is a collective mourning and nostalgia of pre-pandemic times as the years to come feel

increasingly unpredictable. This series of multi-media works seeks to explore patterns of representation and how examining visual culture can tell us so much about history, our current societies and the future. Using art as a method of archival collage, Hoda Ackad uses pieces of various paper media, combined with oil paints to address the images we see from day to day and how they impact our understanding of social issues




Installée à Montréal, au Canada, Marie-Ange Hoda Ackad expose de plus en plus son travail aux États-Unis et à l’étranger.

Ses œuvres ont été montrées au Yellowstone Museum of Art à Montana, au San Fernando Valley Arts and Culture Center à Los Angeles, au Texarcana Regional Arts & Humanities Council (TRAHC) au Texas , au Alexandria Museum en Louisiane,  au Brownsville Museum au Texas, au Hopkins Center for the Arts et à l’American Swedish Institute de Minneapolis, au Center for Contemporary Art  à Bedminster, New Jersey, et à beaucoup d’autres endroits. 

En 2016, deux de ses œuvres ont été présentées sur un panneau d’affichage au centre de Los Angeles pour  le Billboards Creatives. La même année, elle a participé au projet Help Hope Népal Mural, au cours de Art Basel Miami.
Son travail a été exposé à la Place des Arts à Montréal dans le foyer du Théâtre Maisonneuve ,

Elle a parlé et montré ses oeuvres  à la télévision, Youtube , dans le film ” Tribute to Gradimir Pankov: et elles ont été publiées dans plusieurs journaux, catalogues d’art, etc…

Hoda a reçu plusieurs prix d’expositions internationales

Based in Montreal, Canada, Marie-Ange Hoda Ackad is increasingly showing her works in the United States and internationally. Most recently at the Yellowstone Museum of Art n Montana, at the San Fernando Valley Arts and Culture Center in Los Angeles, at TRAHC, Texarcana Regional Arts & Humanities Council in Texas,  at the  Alexandria Museum of Art, Louisiana, The Hopkins Center for the Arts,  The Center for Contemporary Art, Bedminster, New Jersey;  at  the American Swedish Institute, Minneapolis , at the Brownsville Museum in Texas and numerous other venues.

In 2016, two of her works were exhibited on a billboard in central Los Angeles, California for The Billboard Creatives.

In 2015, she was a participant in the Help Hope Nepal Mural project, during Art Basel Miami 2015.

And in  2018 her work was exhibited at Place des Arts in Montreal during Les Grands Ballets Canadiens’ last performance under the direction of Gradimir Pankov, artistic director meritus.

Her work was discussed on Breakfast Television, in newspapers and catalogues, social media platforms, Youtube  and in a film titled  ” Tribute to Gradimir Pankov” .

She is a recipient of many l awards from international exhibitions.





  • 2021 Yellowstone Art Museum(YAM) Montna, USA
  • 2021 Martha’s Vineyard Drawing Prize International Exhibition, USA
  • 2021Art Comes Alive ACA 2021Ohio, USA
  • 2021Texarcana  Regional Arts and Humanities Council, Texas, USA
  • 2021 Hopkins Center for the Arts, Minneapolis, USA
  • 2020 TRAHC, Texarcana Regional Ats &Humanities Council
  • 2020 Dab Art Gallery, Los Angeles, California
  • 2020 Shock Boxx Gallery, Hermosa beach, California, USA
  • 2019 TRAHC, Texarcana Regional Arts & Humanities Center, Texas USA
  • 2019 AMOA, Alexandria Museum of Art, Louisiana, USA
  • 2019 The Hopkins Center for the Arts, Minneapolis,USA
  • 2018 Site: Brooklyn, Brooklyn, New York,USA (Juror, Gracie Mansion)
  • 2018 The Center for Contemporary Art Bedminster, New Jersey,USA
  • 2018 Dab Art online exhibition, Ventura, California, USA
  • 2018 Alexandria Museum, Louisianna, USA (juror: William U Eiland)
  • 2018 American Swedish Institute, Minneapolis,USA
  • 2018 The Hopkins Center for the Arts, Minneapolis,USA
  • 2017 The Center for Contemporary Art, Bedford ,New Jersey, USA(juror Stephen Westfall)
  • 2017 ISEA( International Symposium for Experimental Art) Sannibel, Florida(juror:Jade Dellinger,director of Bob Rauschenberg Gallery, Southwest University,Tampa)
  • 2017 Tieton Arts&Humanities, Tieton, Washington,USA(juror:LLoyd Herman, founder Renwick Gallery at the Smithsonian Museum)
  • 2017 Viridian Artists Inc, Chelsea, New York, USA(juror:Susan Thompson,assistant curator, Guggenheim Museum)
  • 2017 Brownsville Museum ,Texas, USA
  • 2017 Arts in Harmony, Minneapolis, USA
  • 2016 The Billboard Creatives, Los Angeles, Ca(juror:Mona Kuhn; exhibition withPaul McCarthy and Alex Prager))
  • 2016 The Center for Contemporary Art, Bedminster, New Jersey, USA
  • 2016 Blaine Traveling Show, Blaine City Hall, Minneapolis, USA
  • 2015 Help Hope Nepal Mural, Contemporary Arts Projects, Art Basel Miami, USA
  • 2014 The 2014 Dab Art Show, Hud gallery, Ventura, California
  • 2017Place des Arts,”Gradimir Pankov ” and the Power Behind the Scenes ,Montreal,Quebec
  • 2016 Gallery Luz, “The Power Behind the Scenes : Culture Montreal”, Montreal Quebec, Canada
  • 2015 Reginald J. P.Dawson Library “The Power Behind the Scenes: Culture Montreal”, Montreal, Quebec
  • 2013 “The Power Behind the Scenes Portrait Event”, Galerie E.K. Voland, Montreal, Quebec
  • 2009 ‘Portraits’Corrid’Art de la Compagnie F, Montreal, Quebec
  • 2021 Martha’s Vineyard Drawing Prize Finalist
  • 2020 Best of Show Award Texarcana Regional Arts & Humanities Council, Texas
  • 2020 ShockBoxx Gallery, Go Figure exhibition, 1st place Award,
  • 2019 ISEA (International Symposium for Experimental Artists) member, 1rst place award
  • 2018 Arts in Harmony International Exhibition, 4rth place award, pastel category,
  • 2019 ISEA (Internatinal Symposium for Experimental Artists) member ,3rd Prize Award
  • 2018 Arts in Harmony, The Hopkins Center for the Arts 4rth place, pastel category Award
  • 2017 ISEA (Internatinal Symposium for Experimental Artists) Merit Award
  • 2017  2nd place Award /2eme place, Pastel category , Brownsville Museum, 45th International Exhibition
  • 2016 Bronze Award “ Dialogue with Myself “ Art Forward International Competition
  • Prix de bronze,”Dialogue With Myself” 2016 Art Forward International Competion

The portrait  of “Gradimir Pankov” was featured in the video presented on May 25th, 2017 at Place des Arts’ Théâtre Maisonneuve, as part of the evening tribute to Gradimir Pankov, artistic director of Les Grands Ballets for 18 years, now artistic director emeritus.

Le portrait de “Gradimir Pankov” a été présenté dans le vidéo présentée le 25 mai 2017 au Théâtre Maisonneuve de la Place des Arts, dans le cadre de la soirée hommage à Gradimir Pankov, directeur artistique des Grands Ballets pendant 18 ans et désormais directeur artistique émérite.

Montreal Art Openings video – YouTube

  • 2001 BFA, painting, Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec
  • RAAV (Regroupement des artistes visuels en art)
  • TRAM (Table ronde sur l’art de Mont-Royal)
  • ELAN (English arts network)